Big Sister

Hi my name is Erika and I am a certified Make Up Artist here in the Boston area. This blog shows me and my sister’s journey into the business. My goal is to be successful in Weddings and Events and then take it a step further into Commercial makeup and then ultimately Celebrity makeup.

I decided to get into the business because I was getting bored with the normal 9-5 day dwelling in a cubicle. I went to school for fashion but didn’t end up making a career out of it. I have always loved doing my friends makeup and one day decided to finally take a course in it. Which I did, with Debra Macki Celebrity Make Up Artist in Salem, Massachusetts. She was a wonderful instructor and gave us great tips that we will need in pursuing our new journey.

Little Sister

And I’m Taylor! I’m also a certified Make Up Artist who studied and graduated from Celebrity Make Up Artist Debra Macki’s Make Up classes in Salem, MA. I work a regular 9-5 day job in the Advertising Industry, which is interesting and allows for great opportunities. However, something was missing – nothing was fulfilling my creative side, which is something I always thought advertising would do. Then I realized makeup is what really interests me aesthetically and creatively, and advertising wasn’t going to do the trick. So, I followed in my big sis’s footsteps and got certified to be a Make Up Artist and I love it! Right now my focus is on weddings and events, but eventually I’d love to work with Commercial makeup.

This blog will be a medley of pictures of our work, helpful hints and tips, tutorials of looks, and reviews of new products.  We would love any feedback, comments, or questions and we are always trying and learning new things! We want all of our readers to experiment with their creative side and gain the confidence to see how beautiful they are.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Erika has been one of my best friends and she has done my makeup more than a dozen times. She is extremely talented and I can’t wait to see her again & have her do it! Hopefully I can pick up a few tips! 🙂

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